Sunday, June 2, 2019

Naomi Wolf called out live on air

Who's Afraid of Naomi Wolf? Objective Truth 

This occurred last week (but while reported did not get a lot of attention with everything else going on in the world). Third Wave Feminist Naomi Wolf tries to make a case for executions for homosexuality in England in the 19th century (she is trying to play up how homophobic Western societies were), but she apparently misunderstood a legal term "Death Recorded." The death recorded term did not mean the person was executed, but rather the opposite. It was a legal shorthand of clemency by the judge.  

This is just a massive embarrassing mistake that would be a career killer for most non fiction authors. That this got through editing is just incredible. It undermines Wolf's entire thesis. Maybe she could go back to being a mojo coach to guys like Al Gore.  

Here is a bigger question: Rather than focusing on alleged executions in Great Britain in the 19th Century (that didn't even happen), why aren't Naomi Wolf and Leftist Progressives not taking on execution of homosexuals taking place today? Why isn't she calling out Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, ISIS, the Taliban, Brunei, or Saudi Arabia? Other Arab and Muslim countries (and places such as Russia and China), if not outright executing homosexuals, are still extremely harsh to them.  

The bigger point that Ms. Wolf and leftists seem to miss. This systemic persecution is not happening in the West.  

This is not the first time Naomi Wolf has been called out for either sloppy fact checking or flat out lying. She pulled a similar stunt with her book The Beauty Myth (where she was completely wrong about anorexia deaths). Because of her politics, she has mostly gotten away with this nonsense.  

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