Thursday, October 9, 2014

Naomi Wolf Leftist Democrat ISIS Apologist Rule 5 with bonus Separated at Birth


Bonus Separated at Birth:

Naomi Wolf
Monica Lewinsky

Leftist and Democrat Mojo:
TOM: Never let a crisis go to waste…
Smitty: Seinfeld on Obama
TOM: Think Progress Arm Waving
RRG: Barry SimplexTaliban Oops, and throw those Kurds under the bus!
TOM: California's Affirmative Consent Law Violates Constitutional Rights
TOM: Stephen Collins: Creepy Molesting Celebrity (natural born Democrat)
TOM: New York City Magnet Schools (popular with Democrats and Molesters)
TOM: Headlines on the Road To Hell
Wombat: The News Sucks!
TOM: Wild Times at Bryn Mawr
TOM: K-12 Gender Theory (get em while they're young)
TOM: Feminists on Film (no sense of perspective or humor)
TOM: Bad ideas and bad prose at Cornell


  1. I hate it when a looker is that far Left.

    Kind of like when Anne Heche was playing for the other side.

  2. Replies
    1. If you are talking her moral character and policy positions, you are being unfair to pigs.


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