Sunday, June 16, 2019

Flag burning is offensive, but it is free just have to accept it

I support free speech. I find flag burning to be offensive and stupid. There are better ways to make your point, but as a mater of free speech people have the right to be offensive and stupid. So I respectfully disagree with attempts to make flag burning illegal. 

The late Justice Scalia said it quite well.  

I do not support burning this flag either, but burning it is a form of free speech.  

Camp of the Saints: Remember BUNKER'S HILL!


  1. Forget that.

    It's arson and I don't have to accept one damned bit of it.

    Pardon my language.

    1. I was being tongue in cheek with that headline. Other than Boy Scouts respectfully retiring a U.S. flag (which is done by burning it), I find flag burning reprehensible.

      It is only arson though if they go on your property and burn your flag. Otherwise it is just a shitty move by shitty people. But they have to recognize any flag burning is similar political speech.

      I would rather people use their words.


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