Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Nemesis, Leave My Friend Bob Belvedere Alone...

While classical references are fine, I just want Bob to be healed and happy.  

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Goodstuffs: 296th ed

Woodsterman: Funday

Hogewash: Dwarf Flasher

AmPowBlog: Biden's Hill

357 Magnum: Sunday Links

The Right Way: Link-O-Rama

The OK Corral: Star Wars Day

Proof Positive: Best Of The Web

Animal Magnetism: Saturday Gingermageddon

Rush Limbaugh: Did Russians hack the Kentucky Derby?

The Feral Irishman: Road RageFrieyes and Vintage Heat

Diogenes Middle Finger News : A Good Monday Morning

Pirate's Cove: If all you see is... and Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Lem's Place: Dems who want jailed felons to vote and Trump at NRA

A View from the Beach: Aubrey Plaza and Aunt Becky Headed to the Big House?

Knuckledraggin My Life Away: I’m sure she’s taken, men and I’ll leave you with this
TOM: Marianne Williamson Hits 65,000 Donor Threshold, Qualifies for DNC DebatesThe Ivy League Is Decadent and Depraved: Never Have Sex With a Yale GirlIn The Mailbox: 05.10.19In The Mailbox: 05.09.19Crazy People Are DangerousIn The Mailbox: 05.08.17More Thoughts on the ‘Red Pill’In The Mailbox: 05.07.19In The Mailbox: 05.06.19Memo From the National Affairs Desk: Totalitarians Try to Suppress DissentFMJRA 2.0: I Want To Be StraightIntersectional HistoryIn The Mailbox: 05.03.19 (Evening Edition)In The Mailbox: 05.03.19 (Morning Edition)Memo From the National Affairs Desk: Crazy People Are DangerousMemo From the National Affairs Desk: 1,071 Miles to Orlando — How About $30?

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  1. I had lost contact with Bob about eight years ago and that fills me with sorrow. I posted a comment over at this place assuring him I was sending my thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks for letting us know about Bob's fight for life.

  2. I missed this. Apologies.
    Thinks were hectic here at the time.
    I'll be the first to let you know that the MRI of my head ended-up showing no return of the metastasizing cancer.


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