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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How depraved and corrupt is Hollywood: 'Won't You Be My Neighbor' did not get a nomination for best documentary

I can't say I saw all the documentaries nominated this year, but I did watch Won't You Be My Neighbor. It was one of the best documentaries I have seen. I am disturbed, but sadly not surprised, that Hollywood would overlook such a worthy documentary film and such a decent man like Fred Rogers.  

I get it, they want Ruth Bader Ginsburg's documentary to win. No surprise there (this is Hollywood we are talking about), but not even nominating Mr. Roger's film?  


  1. Put the life's work of RBG and Fred on opposite sides of a balance and see who's done more to help people and lift them up. Sad, disgraceful, and predictable.

    Hey, I think I saw you over at NEO NEOCON's corner of the interwebs.

    1. Thank you for that comment. What's happening at Neo Neocon's?

  2. Nothing out of the ordinary. I like her writing and it's a calmer spot in the digital world. Not as many bungholes going for the jugular over trivial differences of opinion.


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