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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Troy: Fall Of A City

All this dystopian Bronze Age talk and discord got me to watch Troy: Fall Of A City on Netflix.  

It is very different than the over the top Hollywood spectacle of Troy (which I liked too). This version is much closer to the Homer's story, with the gods manipulating the Greeks and Trojans for a tragic, bloody ending. The multiracial cast is a Hamiltonian twist, but the story has always been less about history than about universal human hubris and tragedy. I am less concerned about actors' background, than I am over whether than can act (I am also fairly confident the Illiad is out of copyright). The acting in this is (mostly) well done. Nice touch casting touch bringing in Joseph Mawle (Benjen from Game of Thrones) to play Odysseus (contrasted to Troy having Game of Thrones' Sean Bean in that role).

Yet they always go now with British accents when doing these classical movies. That was not always the case. Ok, sometimes the British accents work better. But not always. You can always rework the classics!

Not all the acting is great. I am not buying the Helen-Paris romance. It is not so much as the acting is bad, but I am not getting the chemistry with these two and what would compel Helen to throw away her life with Menelaus with a very uncertain future with Paris (the Troy film made Helen's choice a lot easier). But to some extent (at least in setting up the conflict) the mortal characters don't really have free will in this story, they are pawns being played by the gods. Paris was in a no-win situation (in mythological backstory, Zeus was originally given the choice and deftly stuck mortal patsy Paris with the task).

It does not have the epic feel of the Troy film, but that is more an issue of budgets. Game of Thrones wasn't particularly epic in Season 1. It was only much later that HBO's budgets caught up with the story. This one is done and it did not make a lot of money, so there probably won't be a follow on of the Odyssey.

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Aphrodite, being chosen by Paris to receive the golden apple (of discord), favors Troy

The Greeks had Eris. While there are still Erisians around, we have the media

Renoir's Judgement of Paris and Ruben's Judgment of Paris (below)

Louis Cranach the Younger's Judgment of Paris

Lex King as Aphrodite 

Shamilla Miller plays Athena and, angered by Paris's choice, favors the Greeks

Inge Beckmann's Hera is furious at Paris and supports the Greeks too

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  1. Those goddesses are too scrawny and Athena don't look Greek.

    1. No problems. I got you covered with Renoir and Rubens!

  2. "what would compel Helen to throw away her life with Menelaus with a very uncertain future with Paris"

    Because that was Paris' reward for choosing Aphrodite. Helen had no say, and depending on what source you favor, it wasn't even the real Helen in Troy, but a duplicate that replaced her in Egypt.


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