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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Bronze Age Dystopia Rule 5

Instapundit and Richard Fernandez muse on surprise collapse and fall of Bronze Age civilizations, so why not some Troy flashbacks to Helen and the rest of them...

The movie leads out that the Greek gods engineered the Trojan war to cause trouble, sort of like what Brussels bureaucrats and EU leaders are doing with Europe today. We are mortal and doomed!

Instapundit: Andrew Sullivan on America's New Religions

Excitable as always, but he does have a point

Hogewash: The Great Awokening

EBL: Troy: Fall Of A City is closer to Homer's Illiad

Rule 5 & FMJRA

Goodstuffs: 274th ed

Woodsterman : Words

357 Magnum: Sat Links

Feral Irishman: Be Prepared

The Right Way: Link-O-Rama

American Thinker: Comey Lied

Proof Positive: Best Of The Web

Hogewash: The Great Awokening

Roger Simon: Is Hollywood Dead?

90 Miles from Tyranny: Rule 5 links

TOM: In The Mailbox: 12.14.18So Much ‘Ahoy’In The Mailbox: 12.13.18The Tumblrina TerroristKnown Wolf: ‘Allahu Akbar’ Killer in France Had 27 Criminal ConvictionsIn The Mailbox: 12.12.18The Miracle of Saint NancyIn The Mailbox: 12.11.18Pro-Choice Activist of the Year,  Grandfather’s Transgender Lover Charged With Murdering 1-Year-Old Girl in TexasIn The Mailbox: 12.10.18Macron Deploys E.U. Army in Paris?Career Criminal Arrested for Kidnapping, Rape, Murder of N.C. Girl, 13, Breaking News: Heisman Trophy Winner Once Used ‘Queers’ as a Slur on Twitter, Two Former Obama Aides Are Certain Mueller Can Prove Russian ‘Collusion’, Police: Former Miss Kentucky Admitted Sending Nude Photos to 15-Year-Old Boy, FMJRA 2.0: Jungle Love, Princeton Feminist Noa Wollstein Hates Men and ‘Heteronormative’ Kissing, Soros Bankrolled Anti-Israel Democrat Candidate With $225,000 Fellowship, and ‘White Supremacy’: The Liberal Media’s Racial Narrative vs. Common Sense

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5 and Hollywood historically inaccurate but entertaining dystopian epics:

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