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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Megyn Kelly Out At NBC

And forever labeled a Racist by the lamestream media she so hoped to be a part of...

For you millennials, the Scarlet Letter is an old school Handmaid's Tale

Megyn is hardly the most sympathetic character, but this is the mob climate we live in. I am not defending going in black face as Democrats are apt to do. But if you say or do anything that can trigger the mob (and your on the wrong side of politics), you will be destroyed. I am no fan of Megyn Kelly, but this is about throwing sacrificial victims to the mob and NBC's own hypocrisy.  

Don't worry, you will likely be next (so you better stay in line). This is how things will roll. This is a warning to you all.  You can get in trouble drinking milk!

Sorry Megyn, you have to assuage yourself with the $69 million

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