Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Zina Bash attacked by on-line left wing lynch mob

As the leftist mob howled and wailed at Brett Kavanaugh today, those progressive paradigms of virtue decided to go after his clerk Zina Bash as a white supremacist...missing the fact that Ms. Bash's mom is Mexican and her dad's parents were holocaust survivors.

That some leftist a fever dream delusion over imagined hand signals is bad enough, but that Leftists as a group hysterically embrace it and ran with it is disturbing and frightening. Seriously, have they no shame?  The answer to that is of course not, their emotional outbursts are always justified (in their minds), no matter how unhinged and insane they are.

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  1. Seemed more like she was doing a God(dess) level troll of the old "caught you looking" game adolescent boys used to play. According to the rules she now gets to punch everyone who retweeted it in the deltoid, twice if they flinch.


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