Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fake New York Jew Democrat Socialist Julia Salazar?

TOM: A Fake Jew In The Identity Politics Age

Fake Jew Update: You're raaaaacist if you question Julia!

The Lid: A Modest Proposal for Ms. Salazar

Ms. Salazar may be part Jewish (she claims her father's family went to Colombia because they were driven out of Spain for being Jewish--maybe that is confirmed with a DNA test).  Of course, her own family says they are not Jewish

What is especially odd is this girl who was Christian and pro-life, and who was initially pro Israel and pro Zionist after a trip there, then switches to the Democrat Socialist of America identity and becomes anti Zionist and anti Israel. This shift happened pretty quickly.  

The bigger question is this: What is it with upper middle class suburban girls going to Columbia and coming out raving socialists?

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