Monday, August 6, 2018

Did you know Bill Kristol is disappointed in you?

AoSHQ: Sarah Jeong & the faceless q+

Powerline: Sarah Jeong: Trump = Hitler?

Variety: Hollywood Transgender Roundtable

Lem's Place: Why Trooper York loves the God Emperor

Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Jeong's racism is not a big story to the left

Legal Insurrection: Sarah Jeong's Wikipedia page ethnically cleansed

Twitchy: It's Official: Bill Kristol is disapoointed in you 55+ white men...

Instapundit: Richard Fernandez: It remains a puzzle why the establishment can't win against Trump

TOM: Yes Twitter Is BiasedThe Communist Conspiracy was real and continuingThe Left's Pyrrhic Victory, when did everyone become Alt-Right?

EBL: Midterms Matter: Don't Sit Back, Do Something (and if you want to make Bill Kristol really gets the sadz, watch what happens if the Democrats don't take control of the House and Senate after November), Sandwiches, and Racist Gadfly Sarah Jeong

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