Monday, August 6, 2018

A Review: Death of a Nation

I would recommend this movie. For anyone paying attention, a lot of what Dinesh D'Souza is saying is not anything you don't know already, but there are plenty of people who have no clue about these issues or this history. Dinesh does a good job explaining how Democrats, particularly progressives, are out to destroy freedom and this country. D'Souza also explores events like Charlottesville (and those who were behind it) in an interesting and revealing way (hint: they're progressives).

I don't want to give the film away, but Dinesh edits some video clips (many I have seen many times before, some which were new) of Trump's candidacy and that glorious election night. It never gets old.  

I also appreciated Dinesh's interview with Richard Spencer, the poster boy of the "Alt-Right." Dinesh shows how Spencer is no conservative or defender of individual rights, but a statist racist progressive.

The Left and Cultural Elites will absolutely despise this film. More the reason to go see it and support it

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