Monday, July 9, 2018

Who Will Trump Pick? Update: Brett Kavanaugh


Rumors are Kethledge is out and it is coming down to Barrett or Hardiman. I am skeptical on the rumor mill. Personally, I would hope the President picks Amy Barrett. Young, attractive, seven kids (two adopted from Haiti). That would probably make lefty heads explode the most and if they managed to Bork her (and I am not sure they could), it just means someone like Hardiman comes in. They targeted Barrett over her faith last time and it didn't work. A battle like this now would probably hurt Democrats in the midterms.

What Trump can't have happen is a candidate who then goes wishy on him and drifts left when they finally get on the bench. He needs to move the court more in the Scalia-Thomas Orginalist position, not in a Kennedy-Roberts moderate place.

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