Friday, July 27, 2018

Trump Bans CNN's Kaitlan Collins From White House Event, Media Loses Their S*** Update: Or did they ban her?

TOM: In The Mailbox 07.26.18: American Power: CNN’s Smirking Gimp Kaitlan Collins Booted From Rose Garden Press Event and Friday-Fiction

Donald Douglas is right, Kaitlan Collins does smirk (since I watch very little CNN I had not noticed). Given CNN's inherent bias against Trump, she is perfect for CNN's Trump Coverage (other than sending that chidey, dumpy, paid TrumpScold™, and ratings killer Ana Navarro).

Rush Limbaugh: Fox News stands with CNN on Disinvited Infobabe (I get it, the guild sticks together, even if Fox News gets shunned by other media all the time)

Update: Instapundit: WH: Ask her if we ever used the word "banned"?

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A collection of sites  known for appreciation of Rule 5 and calling out media bias:

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