Friday, July 27, 2018

Straw Arguments and Girls

I did not see the plastic straw as being such an environmental bane....not that I use them that much. 

But a milk shake without a straw?  Blasphemy.  

Walsh: "There is no more time to waste. Strawmaggedon is on the horizon. This is our final chance. The last straw. Let us act now before it is too late."

Yeah, I can get how straws can be a problem, but compared to Asia?

EBL: Depressing  (look for the sources)

Yes there is a serious problem with ocean plastic polution, but banning plastic straws in the USA is not remotely the solution to it.

Dumbass laws like this make me want to use straws...

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Don Surber: Nixon on China

Hogewash: Democracy Derpness

J.J. Sefton: FISA & Farsis & Fiasco

Woodsterman: Enjoy the Irony Of It

Goodstuff Cyber Blog: 132nd Edition

The O.K. Corral: OK Sunday Services

Patriot Retort: Drunk Mumu Lady Speaks

Political Clown Parade: Opening gates of hell and Flowing Curves of Beauty

Diogenes Middle Finger News: People who desperately need help and Fishnet Friday

A collection of sites  known for appreciation of Rule 5 and the simple practicality of straws:

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