Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Seattle City Council Caves To Amazon Pressure

There are few to cheer on here. Bezos is a bully, but the homeless head tax proposed by the Seattle City Council is insane and anti growth. Seattle spends a fortune on "homelessness" but it is mostly a huge graft program for connected progressives who do little to reverse homelessness (the homeless question where all the money goes). 

Raving socialist lunatics like Kshama Sawant will double down, but even the City Council knew this was a war they would not win. Amazon and the other big employers such as Starbucks threatened to fund a campaign for a ballot initiative to defeat it (Washington has a ballet initiative process that allows voters to strike down laws they oppose) and everyone knew the voters would have done exactly that.  

It is a bit of a popcorn moment. Sadly though, Seattle is just an especially glaring example of how progressive politicians milk the homelessness issue for their own benefit from California to the New York islands--because this graft was made for Democrat cities!  

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  1. Surely there's a judge in Hawaii or somewhere who can stop this repeal!!! Make the city collect the tax for a year. Don't let them off the hook. Let the pain commence....


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