Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump Meet For The First Time: An Agreement Reached?

So True, and yes, I remember Nick "Pizza Boy" Kristof in North Korea

Yes, Kim Jong-un and the treatment of the North Korean people under his regime is monstrous. I am still hopeful some progress can be made. We will see how it plays out. 

J.J. Sefton noted this:

What Happened? It seems like a positive first step. We wait and see if it holds.  

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  1. Regardless of rhetoric, Obama got his deal with Iran. However, he made that deal while keeping the very specifics of the deal entirely secret to the American people while having Congress give him general approval to make the deal. The result was a one-sided peace offering with the other side getting all the money, ability to continue processing nuclear material, and continuing to chant "death to America". The only thing Obama's deal with Iran did was prove you can't trust Iran.

    Trump may not be able to trust Kim. Reagan didn't trust Gorbechav. But it took the later experiencing the West to realize the continued stalemate only hurt his country. Trump's greatest success is getting Kim to step outside his country.

    As for the self-destructive naysayers; I'll just say the last week of time has shown how deadly such an attitude can be.

  2. I'm wondering how many times the words "human rights" (which is a joke in itself) passed the lips of our Dancing Diva Of Diplomacy, Maddy Albright, or Lurch or the Beast.


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