Thursday, May 10, 2018

Three NeverTrumper Babies

I know these cry-babies are stinking up the place! Ask them if they need a change!

How soon they forget, let's use the Obama Iran Deal as an example (we need only go back three years). George Will said Obama's Iran Deal made bad history. William Kristol was absolutely against the Obama's Iran Deal, and said we should oppose, obstruct, delay and defeat itJennifer Rubin said the Obama Iran Deal was a road map to cheating.  

Will, Kristol, and Rubin have turned into colicky, cranky, cry-babies. It does not matter what Trump does (other than perhaps abdicating the White House), these three will oppose it. National Review previously noted Jennifer Rubin has been making a fool of herself for a while now. Bill Kristol "tweeted his desire for Michelle Obama to run and defeat Donald Trump, said Pruitt was a parody of sycophancy for supporting a conservative deregulatory agenda.” Will decided to slam Pence.  

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