Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trump and the Iran Nuclear Deal

I understand you make peace with your enemies, but funding and helping them build nuclear weapons is a bad deal.  I am not suggesting we go to war with Iran, but we need not help them get us into a more serious conflict in the future.  

The left media says conservatives are just pointing out Iranian abuse of homosexuals because they don't like the Iranian deal. Ok, but are you saying Iran does not seriously punish homosexuality (including by hanging)? The point is, what makes you think they have any intention of honoring your "deal."  

Times of Israel: IDF on high alert in Israel

EBL: Three NeverTrumper Babies (check out their before and after on the Iran deal), So who bombed Syria? Bibi says Iran lied...

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  1. He keeps giving me reasons to keep supporting him.

    I have a feeling this is the opening move to do to the mullahs what he did to the Kims.


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