Sunday, May 20, 2018

Think Tenure Will Protect You? Duke Professor Evan Charney finds out not if you lean the wrong way...

Instapundit: Duke fires this professor but this one at a college in Fresno State got a pass (even with her stunt with the Arizona crisis hot line).  Why is that?

Perhaps David French can explain what is going on?  I do get that the Duke professor was teaching (and the Fresno State idiot was on her on Twitter time). Despite getting lots of federal bucks, Duke is also a private institution. And I do understand David French's arguments on why we need to protect free speech (and agree with them).

Unfortunately Voltaire's position (even if it wasn't exactly Voltaire's) is not the reality anymore. We don't have a level playing field. So the question is how to we get there?  Opining on principles does not do a lot of good unless you fight back too.

BTW, has David French spoken out in defense of Professor Evan Charney yet?

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