Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pakistani Sex Grooming Gangs: Don't Ask, Don't Tell...

AoSHQ/J.J. Sefton: Land of Rape and [REDACTED]

The draconian slap down of Tommy Robinson for reporting on the trial, actually emphasizes this story more.  I get the British government hates the English Defense League and Tommy Robinson, but shouldn't they hate grooming gangs preying on under-aged girls more? The UK government wants to keep the lid on the rape grooming trial going on, with the fear that if members of the public were more aware of what was going on with minor women there they might be angry. 

The politicians and judges don't care that much for Asian minorities in the UK (other than as a voting group). What those in power really fear is that general public might be more angry with them (for letting this go on so long). That is why they are coming down so hard on Tommy Robinson. 

TOM: In The Mailbox 5.29.18Mark Steyn sums up the travesty of these proceedings:  
So on Friday [Tommy Robinson] was outside the Crown Court in Leeds. He was not demonstrating, or accosting or chanting, or even speaking. He was just pointing his mobile phone upon the scene from a distance. Within minutes, seven coppers showed up in whatever they use instead of a Black Maria these days, tossed him inside it and drove off. In other words, these were not "investigating officers" called to the scene: They showed up with the intent to take him away. Within hours, he was tried, convicted and gaoled - at HM Prison Hull, a Category B chokey, or one level below maximum security. The judge in the case, one Geoffrey Marson, spent all of four minutes on trying, convicting and sentencing Robinson. It is not clear whether that leisurely tribunal included his order expressly forbidding "any report on these proceedings" (the case is Regina vs Yaxley-Lennon because that's Robinson's real name).

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  1. They call us Nazi's, so they can attempt to get away with their Stalinist behavior.


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