Thursday, May 24, 2018

David French completely missed the point about the NFL Anthem Protest Rule...

Kneel before political correctness! David French needs a CNN/MSNBC gig as gelded conservative!

The players can protest all they want, on their time. When the cameras are rolling just before a game it is NFL time. Idiot Goodell should have shut this thing down from the start, but managed to let it turn it into a much bigger deal. During NFL events, the NFL gets to regulate what players and teams do (within reason). Telling players not to disrupt the anthem (or opt out in the locker room) is within the NFL's authority.

Of course Donald Trump injected himself into this dispute (because he saw it as a political opportunity for himself). That did not help the League. The NFL has also mostly despised Trump going back to when he started his rival league. You know why the NFL owners implemented this rule now? The drop in ratings was really hurting the NFL. The League needs this behind them.  

David French's argument seems to be conservatives were wrong to be offended in the first place. On that point, French is completely wrong. If you see someone doing something you disapprove of, you have the right to be offended. You do not have the right to act violently, but you certainly have the right to respond with withholding your viewership and spending. The smart move is to resist it.  

David French, even when he is right, comes off like such a chidey scold you want to take the opposite position. David Brooks, David Frum, David French...what is it with Davids at National Review?  They seem like they are extended job interviews for left wing media sites.  

Donald Trump was ordered by a Hawaiian judge that he cannot block people on his private Twitter account. David French takes the position Twitter is a public forum. Okay, seems inappropriate for the courts to say who and who shouldn't be banned on Twitter. Does that mean Milo, Stacy McCain and all the other people who were banned or shadow-banned get to go back on Twitter unrestricted to exercise their free speech rights?

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  1. My preferred option is to take away their privilege to disrespect the flag and our country. Do your player introductions and then play ball. If you think the purpose of the performance of any national anthem is an opportunity to dishonor any country; you don't understand the basics of sportsmanship.

    That said, I hope the players union fights this and win. The implosion will be as exciting a sight to behold as what the Mueller investigation is doing to the deep state.


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