Saturday, April 14, 2018

Syrian Breakfast

Extra Crispy: Syrian Breakfast

I find it interesting everyones subjective spin on the Syrian missile attack last night. NPR can't help but attack Trump and raise issues about bringing in refugees. Obama deepstater Sammantha Powers who was part of the administration that managed to do nothing good in Syria should probably sit this one out. The alt-right are freaking out as if this were George W. Bush invading Iraq again (they are practically having vapors). Some of the Jew haters are claiming the chem attack was a false flag operation by Israel (although that has switched to a false flag operation by the CIA, Britain and France lately).

Truth is Assad is a thug who has no issue using chemical weapons on his own people. Assad was trying to send a message to his opponents with the chemical attack. The response last night was a limited event, intended to send a message to Assad (and the Russians). The US/British/French certainly telegraphed what they were doing well in advance so any Iranians and Russians got out of the way to help avoid this escallating (some of the fixed targets/assets could not be moved and were presumably damaged).

While the actual damage is probably limited and expending a hundred million or so in missiles should not be casual, doing nothing would have been definitely worse than acting (because it would have been perceived as a sign of weakness). Trump (along with the British and French) opted to do what they did. I suspect the "Mission Accomplished" tweet was a backhanded compinsult to W and his supporters.

When it comes to Syria, I do not want U.S. troops there. I also do not want to abandon our allies (such as the Kurds) to the Iranians and Turks. If any refugees come out of Syria they should be minority groups targeted (such as Christians). I also want to keep destroying ISIS. We can help the Kurds and our allies accomplish these goals without putting boots on the ground and without a huge amount of cost.

The Syrian recipes are good. Have some breakfast. You can also make shakshuka (it also pisses off Zogby).

Syrian Breakfast Recipes

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  1. Didn't Assad and the late Saddam share common baath water?

    Didn't some of Saddam's worst C-weapons go missing a decade or so ago?

    I'm intrigued by chemical evidence: molecules and atoms have distinct fingerprints -- even moreso than people do. Ultimately, that is the gold standard.

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