Sunday, April 15, 2018

Is Comey Your Homey?

Really?  Comey himself posted that shot. What a jackass.

J.J. Sefton: A Higher Royalty

This excerpt below is satire, but it captures the "higher truth" of preening Jim Comey: 


EBL: Emo Lyin'Comey and Showboat

AoSHQ: FBI insiders furious with Comey

Legal Insurrection: Comey: Fatal Attraction 

90 Miles From Tyranny: Trump was right to fire Comey

Rush Limbaugh: Why didn't Comey tell Trump who paid for the dossier?

Don Surber: Comey Boomerang and Mueller's unethical jihad against Republicans

Powerline: James Comey: A legend in his own mind, but not at the FBI and Comey Speaks...again

Hot Air: If so concerned over Trump's morals, why did Comey work for Trump? and What about Crooked Hillary?

The Onion: Comey: "What can I say, I am just a catty bitch from New Jersey and I live for drama..." and Comey's True Feelings

Instapundit: IdiotNot Trustworthy,  NYT unflattering review of ComeyStormy Daniels Make America Horny Again, CattyJim Comey's #MeTooLoretta Lynch drops the hammer on James Comey, ABC's hour long infomercial, and Jonathan Hurley: Why hasn't McCabe been criminally referred/indicted?  


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