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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Emo Lyin' Comey

Federalist: Emo Comey T-Shirts

Wombat: Legal Insurrection: Comey “Classified” Swipe At Lynch Shows He’s Untrustworthy,  Power Line: Has McConnell Finally Had Enough Of Democrats’ Obstruction? also, James Comey Confesses, Mark Steyn: Stick A Fork In Us, also, The Dehumanizing Effect Of Identity Politics

AoSHQ: Andy McCabe's very bad dayComey did not tell Trump that the op report against him was financed by HillaryDeshowitz: Conflict for Rosenstein

Legal Insurrection: McCabe leaked info to media, lied to Comey and GOP publishes Lyin' Comey website

Instapundit: Scathing IG report on McCabe and Chris Wallace surprised how "bitchy" Comey's book is

Rush Limbaugh: Comey's attempt to smear Trump will backfire and Vile NeverTrumpers unload bile

Powerline: IG's report on McCabe released (and it is described as scathing) and Comey Confesses

NBC News: Rosenstein says sacking Comey was justified (there are facts you don't know yet)

Don Surber: Irrelevant Mueller and Passive Aggressive NRO


90 Miles from Tyranny: Kristallnacht

J.J. Sefton: Lest We Forget

Twitchy: Comey Admits

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