Monday, April 9, 2018

Facebook Declares Two Black Women 'Dangerous'

So what is it Facebook, Diamond and Silk's race or their politics that prompted you hurting them?

Meanwhile Facebook tracks and sells your data even if you are not on Facebook.

Instapundit: Social Justice for Diamond and Silk, Punch Back Twice As Hard and Anti Social Media

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  1. I think it is because they are women. Women are not supposed to support Trump. You were punished to by never Trumpers.

    1. Facebook hates black women who like Trump. Facebook knows best for black women and wants them to do as they are told.

  2. This really doesn't look good. Personally, I do believe free speech is a right to speak protected by the government. I'm actually fine with a platform choosing what speech to provide (unless they take taxpayer dollars). Of course, that needs to go for all things. You can't make a baker bake a cake and then allow FB to ban political speech for which they disagree.

    As for the fears of a return to Jim Crow; first it is currently lopsided anyway as AoSHQ points out regularly. Second, a free market can really solve this. Refusing markets hurt income potential. Some will be happy with an exclusive cliental, but there will still be a place for more open conversation. For example, we can have a conversation here at blogspot (Google) rather than say AshleyMadison or Tinder (examples of exclusive conversation based on topic, but then not necessarily exclusive via banning). Facebook is only one platform. It's a good platform, but I'm old enough to remember IRC, and I still have a mIRC app when I want to use it.


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