Saturday, April 21, 2018

Close, but Mitt Romney loses in Utah GOP Primary Convention

AoSHQ: Seems sort of important... He does seem to have a gift for this sort of thing.

Mitt could still win in the primary vote to come, but a chance to take it now was missed.  
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I do not hate Mitt Romney.  He is generally a good guy (on a family and personal level), and I assume he would be a moderate wishy washy Republican GOPe Senator (his opponent Kennedy is a better candidate and I hope he wins). Mitt would be a poor proposed leader for the GOP--because he would lose again in the general election.  Culturally the left and media vilified him when he ran for President and Mitt still does not know how to fight back.

Talking about NeverTrumpers, Brad Thor almost got banned from Twitter, but he feels compelled to keep railing about Trump. Really Brad, what policy or position do you disagree with Trump about (other than his Tweeting)?  I wince at things Trump does too (I most certainly do not agree with everything he does). While you almost got banned, however, Trump used and continues to use a hostile social media platform to become POTUS and push his agenda. To me that's smart. We need candidates and conservatives who recognize the real enemy and who fight back and unfortunately guys like Romney suck at it.  

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