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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Chappaquiddick: The Movie

Go see this movie. Chappaquiddick opens Friday.  

Daily Caller: Chappaquiddick is brutally honest. Here's to the truth...

Mark Steyn: Flacks and FlicksOpen Borders for Thee, Orange Alert For Me and Of Necklaces and Caravans: Remember Ted Kennedy had a huge hand in expansion of illegal immigration

Twitchy: Try No To Burn Yourself On Jill Filipovic’s Flaming Hot Chappaquiddick Take

Rule 5 and FMJRA


  1. What I've seen of the trailers seems to indicate a fidelity to what really happened, in all its sordid detail. Kate Mara, of course, adds to every picture she is in. My fear is that it's not going to be shown on that many screens.

    1. If it is true to the facts and gets some showing, it is one conservatives should support. And if you miss it in the movie, there is always streaming and Netflix. Maybe Susan Rice can send me an autographed copy.


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