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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kate Mara in Chappaquiddick, The Movie

Kate Mara, who plays Kopechne, admits she didn’t even know about the story before signing on to the project. Meanwhile, the cast members and director John Curran yuk it up while Clarke shares compares Kennedy to movie icon Steve McQueen, the unofficial King of Cool.

Kate, your character ends up like your character Zoe Barnes in Season 2 of House of Cards...

Joe Kennedy (played by Bruce Dern) was the fixer (like Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction)

Vanity Fair: The End Of Camelot

This VF article sums it up well...

Deadline: Chappaquiddick

No doubt Kopechne tried to hold on, assuming that her idol, Ted Kennedy, had gone for help. Instead, Kennedy tried to establish an alibi. Periodically through the night, he would wander from his hotel room down to the hotel lobby, and ostentatiously ask the night clerk what time it was, saying that his watch had stopped. The following morning, Kennedy was leaving to participate in the day’s regatta when someone walked up to him and asked whether he had heard that a girl’s body had been found in Poucha Pond. 
All of this has been documented in various books about the incident. Ted Kennedy was a coward and a fool. When the Kennedy family’s consiglieres gathered in Hyannis Port to decide how to deal with the crisis, Ted wasn’t even invited to the meeting. He was considered too stupid to be helpful, and busied himself flying a kite on the beach. He later attended Kopechne’s funeral with a fake neck brace around his neck, intended to suggest, falsely, that he had been injured in the accident. 
The fact that the Democratic Party still reveres Ted Kennedy tells you everything you need to know about how low that party has fallen.
Let's not forget John McCain reveres Ted too...

“Chappaquiddick” [...] is fundamentally the portrait of a weasel: a man who, from the moment the accident happens, takes as his premise that he will not suffer the consequences, and then does what it takes to twist reality so that it conforms to that scenario [...]
Kopechne’s body was found in a position that implied that she was struggling to keep her head out of the water. And what the film suggests is that once the car turned upside down, she didn’t die; she was alive and then drowned, after a period of time, as the water seeped in. This makes Edward Kennedy’s decision not to report the crime a clear-cut act of criminal negligence — but in spirit (if not legally), it renders it something closer to an act of killing.
Weasel: Chappaquiddick movie shows Ted turning his head at the funeral

Hollywood Reporter: A Review (this review down plays what Teddy did--and didn't--do)

Rotten Tomatoes: Chappaquiddick

Kate Mara talking about Megan Leavey, which was a very good film.  

Susan Garibotto plays a Senate Staffer

Tamara Hickey plays Marilyn Richards

Personal Liberty: Chappaquiddick Mystery

Rule 5 and FMJRA

AoSHQ's Gorrillapundit has things to say (but has not opined about Chappaquiddick, yet)

A View From The Beach: When in Rome...Burning Man Ends With Burning Man, and Massive Salmon Breakout Nets Fishing Binge

Instapundit: They called him the Lion of the Senate because he mated at will and killed without remorseDemocrat Mayor of Seattle Ed Murray to resign over allegations of molesting minors

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  1. Big fan of Kate Mara. I saw the review for the film and it looks like they do a pretty fair job of holding the weasel, er, Senator Kennedy responsible for his base and cowardly actions.
    Hope it shows up in a theater near me!

  2. If you were around then, you remember Teddy trying to look distraught and injured in his neck brace, and fooling no one.

    I seem to remember Old Joe was in such bad shape, they didn't tell him about Bobby's assassination, so his fixer abilities may not have played much of a part. The Kennedys owned the People's Republic, including the Archdiocese of Baaston, so nothing was going to happen, but it ended Teddy as a national figure. Only hard Lefties cared what he said or did after that.

  3. The other thing that did Teddy in was Jimmy Carter's "Rose Garden" strategy. Carter was "too busy" being presidential, handling crisis after crisis, to ever leave the White House for anything so crass a a debate, until after he had locked up the nomination.


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