Monday, March 5, 2018

(Sad) Lewis & Clark Law School Shout Down Guest Speaker: This is what you get for $46,320 a year...

They could have just let the Federalist Society members listen to Christina Hoff Sommers in that class room (or alternatively listen politely themselves and then ask questions and debate her in a civil manner). Unfortunately that is not how campus outrage works any more, you have to shut down any speech you disagree with. It is certainly not liberal (in the classical sense). It is the disruptive protesters who are the fascists.

And shame on the administration for not shutting this protest down. This is nonsense. Free speech does not give a group on campus the right to veto the speech of another group by disruption.

How can these snowflakes even stand attending a school named after two white supremacist, patriarchal, pro genocide, slave owning, land grabbers? Law is so limiting anyway (judges tend to frown if you try tactics like this in real courts), why not go 100 miles north to Evergreen State College? Tuition is way less and they can engage in social justice/primal screaming all the time! I hear enrollment is way down at that school too.

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” Robert FrostAoSHQ: Monday ONT

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  1. One wag called the perpetrators "Red Guard Retards". I file that under 'wish I'd said that'.

    1. Yes. Describes it well (I had to do a meme image to reflect that, see above)


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