Thursday, February 22, 2018

Do you know what you can do to yourself CNN?

Thermite Cannon from r/gifs
Instapundit: This is some more CNNThis is CNNHeckuva job today, CNN and Shooting Survivors Thank President Trump for Leadership

AoSHQ: CNN allegedly gave students scripted questions and called on it

Powerline: Colton Haab vs CNN, cont (maybe CNN did not do that)

AoSHQ/J.J. Sefton: Remembering History


Don Surber: Gun Control failed

EBL: Coward Of The County

A normal night in an english pub from r/gifs

How the media treat conservatives...
Wombat: American Power: Dana Loesch At CNN’s Town Hall, Mises Wire: Security Works At Disney, But Can’t Work In A Public School?(h/t Neo Wayland), Michelle Malkin: Do Not Let The Children Lead, Mark Steyn: The State Submits

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