Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Wichita SWATting Victim Shot

This is a disturbing case. An innocent man, Andrew Finch was killed. The most culpable person remains the man who called in a malicious police call, prompting this deadly encounter. The suspect who did this, Tyler Barriss, put in the wrong address, so the victim and his family were in the wrong place at the wrong time. SWATting is a malicious assault. This one resulted in a death, which should constitutes murder.

Tyler Barriss has made false threats before and been convicted of itBarriss will be charged today and may resist being sent to Kansas. There have been a number of these SWATting events over the years, this may be the first one that resulted in an innocent person being killed. It shows SWATting is way more than a prank, but a serious assault crime.

But what about the Wichita police? We are only getting a short view, but was this shooting justified?  It is hard to justify that shooting based on the video above. Did the police officer who took the shot commit a crime?  The family is furious and given what the video shows rightly so
"What gives the cops the right to open fire?" Finch asked. "Why didn't they give him the same warning they gave us? That cop murdered my son over a false report." 
Finch and Hernandez-Caballero said they want to see the officer—identified only as a seven-year veteran of the department—and the person who made the false report held accountable.
Of course, if there was a real hostage situation, you would want the suspect taken out as quickly as possible to save the victims. But there are false reports and police need to keep that in perspective.

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