Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Al Franken Resigns From Senate

Sad Clown: Bye Bye Senator Gropey

I was not sure if he was going to go through with it, but he (wisely) choose to do so. But Minnesota is not the only state with a replacement senator, there may be one in Utah too (different circumstances).

Powerline: Al Franken Resigns

Star Tribune: Al Franken submits resignation from Senate

EBL: Chris Matthews created a toxic work environment at NBC

Washington Examiner: Michelle Bachmann mulls run for Franken's seat?

AoSHQ: Meet the new Utah Senator, same as the old Utah Senator (I guess we will see) and Al Franken is out

Instapundit: I would rather see Mia Love go for it, Blue on Blue, Why are Democrat organizations such cesspits of depravityMPR NewsAl Franken has officially resigned his Senate seat, effective noon today


  1. I am currently 100% on my predictions for 2018. Is there any way for me to quit while I'm ahead?

  2. I guess the Year of Al Franken is finally over.


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