Thursday, January 4, 2018

Was Bannon the Littlefinger of the Trump Administration?

Sloppy Steve does not dress like Lord Baelish

you have to wonder if Bannon is now actively assisting Mueller?

* I should add alleged comments, but I am not aware of Bannon denying them.

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  1. If Bannon were Littlefinger, he would have been nicer to Ivanka.

    1. You mean like Littlefinger getting Sansa matched up with a psychopath sadist?

  2. Funny how you ignore fact Trump let Wolff into whitehouse, and while Wolff saga in book his claims are all unsubstantiated Trump is accusing Bannon of guilt without any proof. Bannon signed a nondisclosure agreement and is not being given any opportunity to defend himself. Bannon is being attacked because Trump is colluding with the neocons who want to divide Trump's base and weaken us. This is the same Trump who betrayed his promises to the. Are on the wall, ending DACA (only Sessions has stuck to ending DACA), not supporting amnesty, deporting illegals, taking on China's currency manipulation (abandoning that after his slut daughter got a fat deal with China) and much more.

    1. I do not believe that to be true, but I do believe you are trolling.


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