Thursday, January 4, 2018

Trump Administration Reverses Federal Marijuana Policy?

This could potentially harsh some blue states' buzz

Hmmm, I wonder what prompted this?

Don Surber: Legalizing pot is not libertarian

Townhall: You have to be high to be mad at Sessions

Reason: Sessions rescinds Federal Cole Marijuana Memo

Legal Insurrection: Sessions to end policy that led to states legalizing marijuana

Instapundit: Novel Idea: If you don't like the law, change itPopehatIt is up to Congress to fix thisCory Gardner says what? and can't Congress change the law?

Twitchy: That's Funny!


  1. I don't think so, perhaps you meant Reverses?

    1. You'd think I was baked writing it like that! Maybe my spellchecker is high.

  2. I dunno; it can be said that Trump reveres the federal policy more than the previous President. Personally, I'm indifferent on the issue. I do think MJ, in isolation, is about the same as alcohol. But alcoholism doesn't lead to harder drugs as often as MJ seems to. It could be because of the legal issues and the sense of breaking one law leads to breaking other laws. I doubt it though. I think it is the type of high. I just don't have personal knowledge and don't care to obtain it.

    What does piss me off is the hypocrisy of the left that demands labels on all sorts of food items, but wants MJ despite federal law. I call it hypocrisy, because it is all under the FDA umbrella. I rather just get rid of the FDA, or strictly reduce what it does, such as labeling everything. I'm ok with labels, but that can be pushed through other consumer incentives (i.e. I will only buy certain things with labels).

    1. This is pure tit for tat. California and especially Washington have been tormenting Trump over a host of issues. So he does this, which has limited impact to him politically (other than Colorado, which probably wouldn't vote for him anyway) and can benefit him as a negotiation point.

      I am all for federalism and letting the states dictate policy on things like this, but Trump and Sessions are right in this needs to be resolved by Congress. You are spot on about the hypocrisy of those crying over this.

    2. Don't know about Colorado. I actually sided more with legalization of MJ until I talked with some friends in Colorado. All of them have complained about how bad things have gotten.

  3. An other part of Preezy Choom's legacy up in smoke.


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