Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand getting some blow back from Fellow Democrats

Elizabeth Warren, sorta, went on the war path today for Kirsten Gillibrand....

Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to make her self more relevant by attacking Trump. It is also fun seeing Lie-a-lotta get into the mix. But a lot of Democrats remember Kirsten throwing Bill Clinton and Al Franken under the bus! Especialy since she stuck it to Franken just a few days ago and Clinton last month.  

There are a lot of Democrat women vying for 2020. Kirsten is making too many enemies to be one of them, but maybe she will hitch her wagon to one of them. Let the cat fights begin!  

EBL: Kirsten Gillibrand sticks a shiv in her former allies Bill and Hillary Clinton

Instapundit: Well that escalated quickly: Did Elizabeth Warren just call Kirstin Gillibrand a slut? and Meow!, No Shame!

Legal Insurrection: Kirstin Gillibrand's brand is set at "Lightweight"Trump dominates news cycle with tweet about Gillibrand, with bonus Warren response

Rush Limbaugh: Was Trump the motivation on the Weinstein story? and  Democrats willing to sacrifice unlimited liberal men in order to get Trump. They are the party of choice, aren't they?

Twitchy: Senator Gillibrand will not be silenced!


  1. By all means, let them rip each other.

  2. Ok, am I reading that tweet from Warren incorrectly? She is attacking Trump for slut-shaming Gellibrand. Am I wrong?


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