Friday, November 17, 2017

Fellow Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand sticks the shiv in Bill and Hillary Clinton

I get Donna Brazile going after the Clintons, but Kirsten Gillibrand was supported for years by the Clintons and owes them both for getting her Senate seat. Gillibrand was a Hillary supporter last year. How much things can change in a year. Now Kirsten Gillbrand is saying Bill Clinton should have resigned over Lewinsky!  

Talk about a lack of loyalty. That is shameless even for D.C. It is fun, however, to see Philippe Reines go nuts on Gillibrand over it.  

Of course Kirsten Gillibrand is not calling for fellow Democrat Al Franken to drop out of the Senate.  That of course can wait for another twenty five years or so.  

Instapundit: It was questionable just a month ago whether Dems would give Weinstein the O'Reilly treatment, now they are trashing Bill Clinton (sometimes things do work out for the best)

Back in the day when she could get something out of Hillary...

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  1. It's shameless because it so obvious that Gillibrand is finally speaking since the Clintons are no longer of value to her. She's just a different kind of prostitute.

  2. I thought she was in Chuckie Shumer's back pocket.

    Just like soap operas. Miss a week and you have no idea what's going on.

    1. She is with Schumer as long as he is of use to her...


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