Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What is the real purpose of Donna Brazile's book?

That's disturbing! It's Hillary all over again. Is it ok to start praying? And what if they ran her as veep to Biden (who would probably just do one term). Anything is possible.  I would like to dismiss this as a joke, but Democrats would love to get the Obamas back.  

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  1. I'm not saying that Rush is wrong, because with Donna Brazile, anything's possible other than the straight truth. I just don't think Michelle has a chance. I also never got the sense she wanted such a role. Hillary certainly did, but Michelle?

    Further, can you remember any stem-winder speech given by Michelle? I never liked the voice of Hillary, but I know a few times she managed to stir up a crowd listening to her. Michelle?

    Also, didn't Donna's book note the state the Obama's left the DNC in, before Hillary took over?

    I think her book is more simple. First, I think it was written long ago. I don't think the publisher would have ever released it unless... Hillary mentioned 2020. Hillary in 2020 probably wouldn't win, but neither did Jeb! 2016. But what Jeb! did do was clean out the mega donors, and Hillary would likely do the same. That had to be stopped. And the publishing world has spent its own major share of money on Hillary, and I think enough was enough.

    1. I suspect you are right. But here is why Michelle is potentially dangerous, she would get a lot of Democrat support. Obama is still very popular. If Trump is weak going into the 2020 election, that is dangerous.

      Of course, a lot of us were wrong about Trump...oh say, 365 days ago. Trump does has political chops. And a lot can happen between now and 2020. The economy is going well, foreign policy is good, he is getting judges approved, regulations are being fixed, it is just unifying the GOP enough to allow Trump to do his agenda.

  2. The economy is going well for now, but it has some gaping cracks in the foundation. Economies are cyclical, and,if there is not the internal strength for this one to recover quickly from the next downturn, which will come, President trump or not, then we'l lose the Congress and then the White House. Do I sound worried? Then I have succeeded in communicating.

    Michael Adams

  3. Thanks. The system is not believing my very simple but established password, so I come through as Anon, with my name in the body of the comment. My son the computer genius promises to figure all this out on Sunday, during my birthday dinner. I am Unk on the Dip, among others. Bookworm, Ace, and Duff, no problems.


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