Friday, December 22, 2017

A Tale of Two Jihadis. Update: Three?

Mark Steyn: We Are The Bollards

My condolences and prayers to the victims in Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately, officials there are in denial when they claim there is no terrorism angle, even though the driver says his motivation was to avenge Muslims (and he is Afghan refuge himself). Just because the driver suffers from a history of mental illness does not mean he can't be politically or religiously motivated.

My congratulations to FBI and San Francisco authorities thwarting a planned attack at Pier 39. That attack was prevented from taking place.

We will never be completely safe, but we need to be vigilant and situationally aware.

Instapundit: Attack at Pier 39 thwarted

Powerline: What can be done to prevent deadly car rammings

Wombat: American Thinker: Stopping The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan To Infiltrate America, The Geller Report: Acid Attacks Make Parts Of London No-Go Zones, also, UK Muslim Taxi Driver Found With Huge Stash Of Weapons, $2 Million In Drugs, Mark Steyn: The Statistics We Weren’t Allowed To Know


TOM: Pennsylvania Jihad

Frontpage: Terror on Russian Shoppers

AoSHQ: Getting Jihadis Through Family Visas

8 WGAL: Breaking: Large police response in Harrisburg, PA

ABC News: Shooting in Pennsylvania State Capital: Cops Targetted

Coptic Christian church stormed in Giza, parishioners attacked by Muslim mob

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