Monday, October 23, 2017

Megyn Kelly tries to boost ratings by incorporating in some O'Reilly Factor

 AoSHQ: MeAgain Kelly!

I do not see how this saves her...

I liked Lis Weihl, but Megyn and O'Reilly sort of deserve each other!

And I am not justifying O'Reilly's alleged behavior. 

Lis Weihl and Megyn Kelly

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Heavy: Lis Weihl: Five Facts 

Don Surber: Megyn it hard for NBC

Lem's Place: Whose That [Fox] Girl?

Daily Caller: Ben Affleck has some explaining to do

AoSHQ: Do you think Matt Damon and George Clooney would lie?

Legal Insurrection: Megyn calls out O'Reilly and Hoda and Megyn Dance Off

Rush Limbaugh: Are Bill and Hillary Clinton about to be Harvey Weinsteined?

TOM: The Weinstein Bonfire of the Vanities Continues and  Lesbian Anti Male Rage

Daily Mail: John Huddy fired by Fox News after his sister Juliet appears on Megyn Kelly Today

Instapundit: The Danger of 'Believe The Victims' and Kathy Griffin blasts Feminist Lawyer Lisa Bloom

EBL: Winslow Home: The Gulf Stream, Saving Megyn KellyFreefalling Megyn, and Megyn Kelly off to NBC

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