Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Is Me-Again Kelly Off To NBC? Update: $100 million Drama Queen?

You know who probably ends up winning with this?  Fox News. I suspect they can keep their ratings without paying her $20 million (or more) a year. Biggest Loser? Chuck Todd, he won't be the prettiest girl at school anymore...(or should I say cock of the NBC News flock)

Update: TOM: Goobye, Megyn Kelly

AoSHQ: $100 million drama queen?  

DRUDGE REPORT: Tucker the new Bella Donna of Fox?

Regular Right Guy: Megyn goes full NBC (never go full NBC)

Hollywood Reporter: Kelly leaving Fox for NBC

American Power Blog: Kelly off to NBC

DRUDGE REPORT: Going Peacock

Heavy: Megyn Kelly's Family

Hot Air: Who will replace her and Someone Happy to see her go?

AoSHQ: This is how the media dies and Me-Again's last ride

Lem's Place: Megyn's move and Meh, again

Heavy: Megyn Kelly move to NBC 5 facts

TOM: Madness takes its toll

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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