Friday, August 4, 2017

Yeah, I want to see the new Death Wish...

AoSHQ: Death Wish

I concur with Ace on this, the original Death Wish was an uncomfortable movie, but it was worth watching for Charles Bronson (I also liked Vincent Gardenia in it) and the script. What I liked is the original Death Wish did not make Bronson out as a complete hero (although it certainly sympathized with him). 

In real life, I am very much about self defense. I am not for going out and looking for crime. The movie there were moral choices and ambiguity and it was not cut and dry--it was good story telling. Ultimately, I liked the film.   

Can you do a remake of a film like this in this political correct environment? From this trailer, perhaps Eli Roth can. I was a big fan of Roth's movie The Green Inferno.

From the trailer alone, I predict Bruce Willis will be very good in this Death Wish reboot.  Looks like Dean Norris maybe playing a character based on the Gardenia role, so that is good casting too. And it is pissing off all the right left people.  

How can you not like a movie with Elizabeth Shue in it?

Playing Bruce Willis's wife may not turn out well for Liz in the movie...

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  1. I cant imagine a remake of Death Wish in these PC times. I assume all the bad guys will be white frat boys.

    1. True, which would of course make it unwatchable. But if any director would do it politically incorrect justice, it would be the director of The Green Inferno. If you have not seen that yet, you should watch it.


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