Thursday, July 23, 2015

Social Justice Warriors, Feminist Males, and Cannibalism Rule 5

Eli Roth thinks Lorenza Izza is yummy!

 To the left all cultures are equally good (except Western civilization which's always evil)

This is probably Kirby Bliss Blandon

Give the Amazonian first nation cannibals a bit of credit, at least they let their dinners grow up...

Mark Steyn: I've got a crush on you, baby...
EBL: The Cult of Celebrity and 2nd Planned Parenthood Video and Democrats care about children
Lem's Levity and Trooper York: News that most of the media is ignoring...
Twitchy: Nancy Pelosi's evilness demonstrated again
Kevin Williamson: Planned Parenthood Butchers

Wombat: Don Surber: Tweet of the Day

Such a display in front of the hungry cannibal triggers a "strike" just like dangling a worm or jig in front of a fish does so.

Their soft pampered lifestyles make them the equivalent of milk fed veal... So tender, you can cut them with a fork! The "male" reference is to the vestigial traces of manliness left in these individuals, sort of like the tiny vestigial skeletal limbs in some modern whales or snakes.

Instapundit: Just say no to SJWs and Microagressions and Let Democrats Answer First

And like real life SJWs like Rachel Corrie, the real villains in this movie are those who get these naive fools in harms way in the first place (caution spoilers)

And you might be asking yourself, what about #GamerGate?

And talking about #GamerGate, let's not forget the Wacky World of Wu
Given Wu was a man before a woman, does Anita drink her/his/its tears too?

Rule 5 and FMJRA

TOM: Lesbian divorce gets nasty

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