Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What is happening with the Justine Damond shooting investigation?

Powerline's bloggers, being from Minnesota, are all over this story. Justine Damond (formerly Justine Ruszczyk) was shot by Officer Mohammed Noor after reporting a crime to Minneapolis police. Politicians are being rather tight lipped about what is going on. Officer Noor has been obviously advised by his counsel not to talk about the case. 

So far, Mohammed Noor is refusing to talk to anyone (other than counsel). If the Minnesota PD do an internal affairs investigation, Noor has to talk to them to retain his job (he is getting paid leave now). That does not appear to be happening. 

As we know from the separate Officer Allen murder (also noted below), police work is dangerous. Even in circumstances where you would not expect an attack, as a police officer you can be attacked without warning. That said, there seems to be no justification for what Officer Noor did in shooting Justine Damond in this case. My guess and speculation is Officer Noor panicked and shot Justine Damond. I suspect it is lack of training and/or poor temperament on Noor's part.

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