Monday, July 24, 2017

Will Minneapolis even prosecute Officer Mohammed Noor?

I get the feeling politicians in Minneapolis wish this case would go away...

Jack Dunphy makes the case that there is no justification for what Officer Noor did and he will be convicted. Given his police background, Jack Dunphy is not one to make that statement lightly, but that of course assumes there will be criminal trial.

In the politically correct circus that is Minneapolis politics, it would not surprise me at all if no prosecution is pursued against Noor. I hope I am wrong because this is a case that likely warrants criminal prosecution (and the only reason I qualify that is I don't have all the facts yet).

I suspect Mohammed Noor will no longer be a police officer when this is over. Unfortunately, it would also not surprise me if sizable severance package may be thrown in by the City of Minneapolis to encourage him to go without a legal fuss.

Update:  The decision whether to prosecute or not rests with Hennepin County, which includes the outer suburbs of Minneapolis. We wait and see what will happen.

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  1. They obviously don't want to, but this thing has gotten a lot of press.

    1. I hope public opinion makes a difference, but we know the powers that be in Minneapolis would prefer this just quietly went away.


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