Thursday, August 10, 2017

Guam: Where America's Day Begins....

The Chinese cautioning us not to act first, may be a face saving gift. Yes, pre-emptive strikes are sometimes justified, such as in the Six Day War. The Israelis were fighting a war of survival, and the pre-emptive conventional action was warranted, but neither the Israelis or the Egyptians had nuclear weapons at the time (the Israelis developed them after that date). When both sides have nuclear weapons, the stakes go up considerably. It absolutely changes the calculus.  

This intervention between the North Koreans and Americans makes the Chinese status go up (certainly in their minds). Of course, the Chinese should have never let the North Koreans get this far with this game of chicken. What the Chinese just did was a threat to the North Koreans. Should the NoKos foolishly actually attack Guam or Japan, the payback from the United States will be devastating and overwhelming. The Chinese will sit it out. 

Donald Trump and Jim Mattis's threat of devastating response is absolutely the correct. The North Koreans and Kim Jong-Un need to know their world will effectively end if they attack. I believe Trump's statements prompted the Chinese to issue the statement they just did. 

It is still a very dangerous face off. Things are on a hair trigger and mistakes can happen. We can of course thank Bill Clinton for helping the NoKos be in this position. Barack Obama of course followed Clinton's example with Iran...which is a regime potentially more apocalyptic than North Korean.  

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