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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kim "Fatty The Third" Jong-Un

Hey Fatty Kim, you first have to accept yourself!


  1. PMJ is incredible. These ladies are some of the best in the group.

    Ariana Savalas (brunette, on the left; Telly's daughter) is a jazz chanteuse with a burlesque flair. She loads a simple standing and singing performance with more sex appeal than Beyonce can manage, bouncing around half naked.

    Morgan James (blonde, on the right) is an opera-trained vocalist with a range that has my soprano wife in an ongoing love-hate relationship. Think this is good? Look up her covers of "Dream On," "Barbie Girl", "I Really Don't Care"…

    Haley Reinhart (the girl in the center) is an Idol alumnus with a signature vocal growl that turns any tune into a torch song. Watch her perform "Lovefool" or "Seven Nation Army" or "Black Hole Sun."

    And, if you like these three, just watch PMJ on YouTube. The group has male and female vocalists that you've never heard of, but probably should have, tap dancers, and an amazingly fun presentation (I personally find the "sole sisters" to be particularly enchanting).



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