Wednesday, August 9, 2017

FBI searched Manafort's home in July, but Democrats and their slime consultants continue to get a pass...

While Leaky Mueller continues his slow motion coup, I cannot understand is why the Jeff Sessions is not going hammer and tongs over Fusion GPS and the Imran Awan scandal.  And if Sessions can't do it, why not name a second special prosecutor? 

Popehat: Explaining Search Warrants  (take the news with a big grain of salt)

Instapundit: FBI raidRussian ties with Fusion GPS?, and Powerline: Comey Lied (again)

Rush Limbaugh: FBI raids Manafort's home even though he is a cooperating witness?, How Trump can get rid of Mueller, Fried Zucchini GPS lists all the reasons Trump won, and Doc Dump shows Obama DOJ panicked over Lynch-Clinton meeting

Democrats: That's how you do it...

AoSHQ: Gorilla Pundit Opines

Hot Air: Manfort turning on Trump?

Legal Insurrection: Why talking points Loretta? and Intimidation Stunt?

Powerline: Ex-Leahy Staffer provides judicial oversight for Mueller and Leak Theses

Bloomberg: Trump's legal team is being outmatched by Mueller (it is time to hire some big guns and get ready for a throw down)

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