Friday, August 4, 2017

You know what they say about Grand Juries and Ham Sandwiches...

I doubt President Trump is the main target, at this time, but he is ultimately he is the target. Mueller and his team are focused on getting documents and testimony under subpoena and ultimately hoping to flip a witness so they can go after the big ham. While I wish Mueller was a honest broker, I am sure the fix is in. 

The Dems are out to get the President, any way they can. The Deep State agrees and Mueller and his buddy Comey are in on it. The GOPe are doing very little to stop it. Some members of the President's  own 'team' seems hostile to Trump. The NeverTrumpers may be happier about all of this than the Democrats.  

It makes me sick. If I thought there was serious corruption, I would want Trump impeached too. But this is a witch hunt. I suspect Trump will ultimately survive this attack, mainly because there is not much there to go after. But it is a distraction and preventing him from getting more good things done. And of course, if the market tanks, Trump would be in trouble...

And it is also being pursued to divert attention away from the Democrats' far bigger sins. What we really need is Sessions and the Department of Justice going hard after Fusion GPSDebbie Wasserman Shultz, and their Deep State Cronies. I am frustrated that does not appear to be happening.  

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