Saturday, July 22, 2017

Transgendered Islamic State Cowards

Daily Star: IS Fighter (or should we say lover) disguised as a woman. You really can't unsee that.

EBL: Aerosmith: Dude (Does Not Look Like A Lady)

Irish Mirror: Jihadi Joans

Are these Islamic State cowards engaged in cosplay or trying to signal something more?

A View From The Beach: Palate Cleanser: The other Hillary! and The Road To Hell

Instapundit: Women burning their burkas and men shaving their beards

90 Miles from Tyranny: Will your children meet cruel villains?

Proof Positive: Another palate cleanser, Brenda Marshall

Goodstuffs: Celebrating National Hot Dog Day!

Feral Irishman: New Minneapolis cop recruits!

TOM: Palm Beach Götterdämmerung

Blazing Cat Fur: Let her stay!

EBL: Depressing as Hell

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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